Introducing a new era in our race sail development, the Mach 1 is our pro racing sail. We started with a clear set of design objectives to simplify tuning, reduce weight, and most importantly maximise speed, stability and acceleration.


Automating the dynamic twist has enabled us to remove the Reflex system.  The lower leech twist is now pre-loaded to mimic the twist pattern induced by the Reflex batten under load.  Significant advantages are simpler tuning, reduced weight, and increased durability.

Capitalizing on the performance and proven durability of the Apex Pro mast, more luff curve has increased skin tension to lock the profile low and forward where it can be most easily controlled.

Previously we focused on drag reduction in the upper parts of the sail, but with the Mach1 even the foot sections have been analysed and refined.  Less tension on the foot edge combined with more forward oriented shaping allows the foot to twist and auto-adjust.


These changes result in a high performance racing machine.  On top of that the Mach 1 is one of the lightest race sails available, and combined with the best cam rotation can reduce the effort required to go fast.



5.0403177844.5FIXEDSEVERNE 400XXX
5.5420183844.7FIXEDSEVERNE 400XXX
6.2438190845.2FIXEDSEVERNE 430XXX
7.0460204845.6FIXEDSEVERNE 430XXX
7.8480219846.0FIXEDSEVERNE 460XXX
8.6505229846.2FIXEDSEVERNE 490XXX
9.4523242846.5FIXEDSEVERNE 490XXX